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Nude Tones for Marla London- Here is the second and final shoot I did for Marla London with Dubai-based photographer and blogger Mahryska.

If my First Look was more about colour-blocking and edgy style, this time I decided to go with calm Earth tones- nude, brown and tan. Once again I styled my Marla bag with clothes from CREA Concept, where the photoshoot took place.

Did you take a good look at that massive necklace? I needed some sharpness in the nude palette of my outfit and this piece of art was more than perfect!

As for my lovely scaled bag, I have been wearing it non stop to work and to outings. It doesn’t look very big, but fits in a lot, even my DSLR!


Fire Walk With Me- This is a photoshoot from 2012, when I was just starting up on Lookbook. I was never a fan of “fake poses” or very unreal settings. I love doing my photos outdoors, creating some harmony between my outfit and the surrounding nature.

This dress is around 30 years old, bought by my mom in Armenia. It has been mine for the past several years and I never get tired of it. It is a beautiful unusual jersey knit and I absolutely love the skirt!

So this is my crazy-desert-dances photoset. I miss my long red hair. Looks insane in these swirl pics! When I re-discovered those photos I was surprised to notice that I was much thinner. This year I gained a whopping 4 kilos (Shut up! It is “whopping” for me!! Been stuck on the same bloody 48 kgs since highschool!) and I’m loving it! But those pics are awesome nevertheless! :)



Pavlovsk- At last! At long last I had a photoshoot in this gorgeous magical dress, that I bought at a vintage online shop of a lovely friend in Dublin, called Pretty Bones Jefferson. It is a 70s dress probably made tribute to the fashion of the late 19th century, when women didn’t have to show all their skin to be considered beautiful.

As you know I spent my summer vacation in the amazing Saint Petersburg, Russia, taking in all the architecture, all the rich history of this stunning city. It was home to great poets, artists and inventors, so it comes as no surprise that the minute you step outside you feel that culture hanging in the air and your mind wants to discover and absorb all the beauty that is around! 

For this dress, I chose a special place- the Pavlovsk garden, which is more like a vast forest surrounding a palace. It provided beautiful scenery, not to mention the most elevating walk I have had in a long time!

First time in my life I felt like a true lady, with this long skirt, tight waste, sensual collar and sleeves. My awesome sister did my hair, make-up and photos!

The garden held also another meaning- we have an old black & white photo of my late grandmother standing in this park, with a Rotunda on the background. So it was great to discover it decades later and make photos (photos 6, 7, 8). 

So here it is, another classy post! Hope you enjoyed!

SUSANNA VESNA turned 3 on 8th August!
A bit late, but…better late than never! Happy Birthday to my blog!
SUSANNA VESNA turned 3 on 8th August!
A bit late, but…better late than never! Happy Birthday to my blog!

SUSANNA VESNA turned 3 on 8th August!

A bit late, but…better late than never! Happy Birthday to my blog!


Woman In Black- One sad thing about UAE is that it doesn’t have such scenery- the old buildings from last century, which can create an atmosphere worth a movie shoot. While writing this post I realised how dumb of me was not to make a full shot just of this incredible building from pre-revolution Russia! Yeah, like 1910s if not earlier! But no matter, I am sure this building never thought it would end up on the internet anyway. Let this post be a little tribute to it.

As you may know from my previous Call Of The Wild post, I was visiting my bestfriend Sonia in her hometown of Gus-Khrustalny, which translates as “Crystal Goose”. This town used to home talented crystal masters, which provided crystal decor for centuries! But as with everything nowadays, hand-made intricate craftsmanship is dying out and it is sad.

Anyway, on the first day of my arrival we went for a walk when I stopped in my tracks staring at this 3-floor building…Broken windows, with turquoise wooden frames, faded egg-shell paint, shabby roof in a shape of a tent or a triangle top with engraved wooden hangers. People were evacuated from there recently as conditions became too unbearable for living (No Shit!). Preparations for demolition were going on, and all interiors were burned and destroyed.

It was a petty sight with some creepiness to it- darkness starring out of the windows, with broken pieces of glass reflecting a bit of sky for one last time. 

It was creepy and dangerous in a way, but I knew I had to use this poor old building destined to be put down to rest. Hours before I had to leave, Sonia braided my hair, let me borrow her black ICONIC dress and folk silver earrings from Yemen, and took the role of the amazing photographer that she is. 

My inspirations came from The Woman In Black, 2012 movie, and my favourite American Horror Story series, therefore, I wanted to make the whole scene both vintage and mysterious. The hairstyle helped a lot- the symmetrical twisted braids added that pre-revolution Ruski flare to the look. I also wore my NastyGal bodysuit under the dress, to add a bit of lace and sleeve to the ensemble. 

Regarding the make-up- this time I decided to ditch my black eye-liner, just adding some mild eyeshadow, turning all the focus to the lips and eyebrows. When I saw the photos I was glad to see how unintrusive yet present the make-up looked.

When we were done, I was sad knowing that I will never see this building again, and right on queue, next day Sonia Whatsapped me an ugly sight of rubble, slightly recognizable from the sticking out turquoise frames…  

I am wearing:


Lace Bodysuit worn under- NastyGal

Heels- ZARA

Lipstick- MAC Russian Red