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Call Of The Wild- I waited a few months to get the perfect conditions for this beautiful swimsuit from New Look! And the wait was worth it! I was visiting another of my best-friends, Sonia, now living in Russia and was amazed by their amazing lake, with dark red and calm waters. The surrounding forest created that natural wild atmosphere for the shoot.

I had so much fun while shooting- it was my second time swimming in the lake and I was yet again surprised how quickly I adjusted to the water, MUCH COLDER than the Gulf, obviously!

We went to the lake at sunset and the air was filled with folk rock sounds from a near-by bikers’ convention! Beautiful, in other words!

It is very important to have such memories, something to sacredly remember and wish to go back to!

(Photography by my amazing Sonia!)

(Painting in the title borrowed from Tatchit)


Sail Away- my second style for Styld.by project for GAP, featuring a jersey maxi dress with red & white stripes. The minute I saw this dress, I knew I had to do a “boat” shoot. It has a very marine vibe, creating an exciting atmosphere of an upcoming vacation. In my case, this shoot was done indeed a few days before my traveling.

The dress can also be worn as a skirt- you just need to roll down the top!

(Special thanks to my friend Adnan for making the photos. This was his first photoshoot using a professional camera!)


Summertime Happiness- Finally I can start showing you the photoshoots I did for GAP’s Styld.by 2014 project!

This is the first set and you can find it on Styld.by , 18th July post!

This is by far one of my favourite shoots, featuring a white shirt dress, of a beautiful light fabric, lovely feminine design, with a flare of girliness! It has an under-dress which gives it a fuller skirt.

In this photoshoot, I am paying homage to Lana Del Rey. I decided to “summer” it up with my DIY flower band and red sneakers. I think it created a very hip chilled out look.

Will keep you posted on my adventures in Russia with beautiful photos, as always!

P.S Next GAP photoshoot will be posted on 23rd July! Stay Tuned!

(Special thanks to my bestfriend Tarang Aggarwal for the amazing photos!)

The mighty #snail ! People, do look under ur feet sometimes- there is a whole world down there & it has to be respected as much, despite its tiny parameters! #world #nature #love #life #snails #beautiful #picoftheday #sky #Russia #spb #adventure

The mighty #snail ! People, do look under ur feet sometimes- there is a whole world down there & it has to be respected as much, despite its tiny parameters! #world #nature #love #life #snails #beautiful #picoftheday #sky #Russia #spb #adventure


From Russia With Love- As promised, I am using every little chance to get to internet to upload my photo adventures! I have been in Saint Petersburg many times, but never had a good camera with me. This time it is different, not to mention I think I am slightly better in photography, haha!

If you plan to visit Russia, do pass by Saint Petersburg- Northern Venice, as they call it, with beautiful architecture, museums, churches and other historical places!

Next post will feature some fashion shots!