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Cartoons- I made this photoshoot…(and here some of you may wanna kill me!) on my BIRTHDAY! Yeah, lol! Till now I had to give priority to other posts, whether it was events I attended or beautiful outfits I bought online.

So here I am wearing my latest ZARA purchase- the sky blue faux leather skirt with a zipper, combining it with a fun cropped top my sister got me from UK last summer. The whole Mickey Mouse business with baby blue colour creates a fun childish atmosphere, which I totally enjoyed bringing out on my TWENTY-SIXTH Birthday! God damn, I’m ol’! Hahahaha! I kid! I don’t care about age! When I am 40, I will proudly say I am 40, still kick ass on the dance-floor and be the same daring dresser that I am. 

Stop caring about age girls! Years add beauty and charm. Yeah, I got a few grey hairs and my knee started hurting from time to time, but as long as I am happy and inspired, I will feel young and awesome!

(Hair and photography by my lovely sister Sophia!)

I am wearing:

Cartoon top- Atmosphere

Blue faux leather skirt- ZARA

Sneakers- Buffalo from SOLESTRUCK

Wrist watch- DKNY

Beads bracelets- made by me


Grey Matter- Here is the second photoshoot that I promised, featuring a black mesh bodysuit and grey midi skirt.

The place of the shoot was chosen a long time ago, I just couldn’t decide what outfit would go with this magical place! The ash-pink compound is where my lovely friends live and I always whine how it is the most beautiful due to its unique colour alone! We have God knows how many beige & khaki buildings around UAE, so the rare abnormality, such as this compound is always a sight for sore eyes! :P

This is a slightly unusual style for me, mostly colour wise, as I prefer bright shades and probably have only 1 grey top.

Having a bodysuit has been my long time craving and I finally got me a couple! This one is really special due to its mesh inserts making it sexy. Unfortunately, it is out-of-stock on the Choies website, but I am sure they will get others in store soon.

(Photography and hairstyle by my lovely sister Sophia)

I am wearing: 

Grey Midi skirt- CHOIES

Bodysuit- Choies

Black Leather heels- Nasty Gal

Mettalic bag- Carolina Herrera

Tonight I will be posting another photoshoot I had featuring my new outfit from Choies! I am totally in love with how the photos turned out! Here is a little preview!

Tonight I will be posting another photoshoot I had featuring my new outfit from Choies! I am totally in love with how the photos turned out! Here is a little preview!


Art Of Fashion- Finally had the time to edit and select photos from last weeks fashion show by our UAE brand Splash Fashions, known to young & old! What a show! I have attended my first Fashion show by Splash in October 2013 and was overwhelmed by the decorations, grand entertaining show and crazy outfits!

This time the show took place in Studio City, Dubai, in a bigger venue and the theme of this season was creativity & DIY! Amazing necklaces made of colouring pencils, splashed paints, sewed on toys, paper-art, showcasing very talented hard work of the creative team!

In this photoset I tried to fit as many shots as I could (can add max 10 photos) combining my favourite outfits, backstage clicks and the widespread style, ranging from ethnic to retro to couture. 


Back To Streets- I am lately going back to my younger days, when I was a tomboy (Still am at heart!), very sporty and cool! I am still cool! Ha Ha! What better way to swag some street style than with these baggy leaf pants I got from a popular website Choies!  

Cropped sports top and some net was a whim and the final look reminded me of those Step Up movies, with cool street kids, dancing their days away! My sister of course helped with the hairstyle and added a bandana, which was something new for me!

I got a couple more things from Choies and I can’t wait to show you the other styles I wore lately!

I am wearing:

Unisex Leaf Sports Pants- from Choies HERE